In 1959 in Dolgellau, a small village in North Wales, a fledgling motor company produced its first car. Little did they know at the time what this would grow into and the many motoring achievements that would come its way in the years to follow. You can explore the histroy of Marcos on the owners clubs and associated websites, and links are provided below, but for many the familiar badge of the brand has become also become a significant part of their lives.

In 2009 Marcos celcebrated 50 years, a golden milestone, with a superb celebratory event at Prescott Hill Climb run by the three clubs, the Mini Marcos Owners, the Marcos Owners, Club Marcos International and Marcos Heritage Spares.  

Ten years on and we are pleased to announce that we will be celebrating the Diamond Anniversary of Marcos in 2019.

Sadly some of those who were at the 50th celebration are no longer with us, including of course Jem Marsh, co founder and driving force behind Marcos Cars. The Marcos company sadly no longer manufactures cars, but stranger things have happened and who knows what the future holds there.

Will we still be able to run our cars in another ten years who knows? We can however, once again all join togther in celebrating the marque we all love and cherish once more at the Marcos Diamond Jubilee Rally in 2019.

Meet up with old friends and make new ones, you've plenty of time to get cars finished and running and take part in what might well be the last and largest gathering of Marcos Cars ever.

Were you at the 50th?

Don't Miss the 60th