About the Club

Since its creation in 1977 the club has led a fairly chequered career, at one time operating as the Mini Sportscar Club and subsequently as part of the Marcos Owners Club. However, since the spring of 1988 when it was relaunched as a separate club, it has gone from strength to strength. Following the relaunch of the Mini Marcos in 1991, its Silver Jubilee year, the Club saw its worldwide membership rise to over 400 in March 1998.

The aim of the club is to promote the Mini Marcos, Mini Jem and Kingfisher marques by providing an opportunity for owners to share ideas, seek answers to problems and generally get the most out of owning the cars. Special advisers have been appointed for Mini Jem and Kingfisher Sprint.

The Club welcomes owners of other Mini-based cars for which there are no recognised owners clubs.

It is a club run by enthusiasts for the benefit of other enthusiasts, so we share a common interest.